Before you choose to visit our Congregation, please make sure that you have thoroughly read through and understand our Statement of Faith which can be
found on the What Do We Believe page.

Weekly Worship Service

Days and Hours:

Saturday 11am-1pm EST

Each Weekly Shabbat Service consists of Morning Greeting, Opening Morning Prayer, Open Time of Testimony and Hardships, Intercessory Prayer and
Anointing with Oil, Praise and Worship Singing Praises Together, Children’s Shabbat Teaching Class, Shabbat Shalom Message, Closing Announcements
and Closing Prayer dismissal.

Moedim Worship Services

Days and Hours:

7th New Moon/Dark Moon - EYTHANIYM
YOM TERU’AH – Memorial of Blowing of Shofars
1st EYTHANIYM – September 20th 2017 Wednesday

  • Service Start: 11am-12pm

YOM KIPPURIYM - Day of Atonement or Coverings
10th EYTHANIYM – September 29th 2017 Friday
Sunset Thursday [September 28th] to Sunset Friday [September 29th]  

  • Service Start: 3pm-4pm (Meeting will be on Thursday September 28th a few hours before the Fast Begins)

Feast of Cukkot 15th day
15th EYTHANIYM – October 4th 2017 Wednesday

  • Service Start: 11am-12pm

Feast of Cukkot 22nd day
22nd EYTHANIYM – October 11th 2017 Wednesday

  • Service Start: 11am-12pm

Non-Moedim Celebrations of Historical Deliverance

Days and Hours

Chanukkah 25th Kiclev – 2nd Teveth (December 12th 2017 through December 19th 2017)

December 12th 2017
  • Service Start: NA

December 19th 2017
  • Service Start: NA

Purim 14th and 15th Adar (March 1st and 2nd 2018)
March 1st 2018
  • Service Start: NA

March 2nd 2018
  • Service Start: NA